Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Where's Joe?

For at least a year now, a little figurine of the Minnesota Twins' Joe Mauer has been floating around our house. It's an ongoing game. Joe gets hidden somewhere in the house, the first person who finds him exclaims, "I found Joe!" Everyone in the house runs to see where he was found. Then, the finder gets to hide Joe. Seems boring? Seems tedious? Seems like it would lose momentum?

Well, Where's Joe? provides as much excitement now as it did when we first started doing it. It's genuine. It's creative (you wouldn't believe all of the fun places Joe has been in our house). We've started a tradition. Joe might go hiding for a couple of hours or a couple of weeks. Of course we aren't constantly looking for Joe, but we sure enjoy it when he crosses our path.

I read a story about a similar game played by a family several years back. Long story short, the father had hidden Joe, passed away, and the family found Joe months later and it brought back fond memories and made it feel as if he were there playing with them in that moment. Needless to say, it was touching, and for some odd reason, Joe became the object.

Why Joe? I have no idea! We are Rockies fans. Love the Yankees, the Red Sox, and the Giants. Chris went to a Twins game a while back, got Jared a little gift, and now, he is constantly a part of the family.

Natalie was the last to hide Joe this morning. Will we find him this evening? Maybe next week? Doesn't matter. It's something that is in constant motion at our house, and I love that. A smile and energy appear when we hear anyone in the house scream, "I found Joe!"